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Welcome back. Thank you for reading my constant ramblings till date (even if this is your first time on my blog). But do read other posts.
Today I want to talk about Bonds. What bonds are and which one in particular I am talking about. Well if you have read this blog for long, you would know that I'm talking about the bonds between people.
Well, you might have heard: "United we stand, divided we fall" and what not and that is exactly what I'll be tackling today, so hang in there. But first I want to try to categorize bonds or at least summarize (which is impossible).
Bonds forged over time. The most common among all of us. The major reason why your mother is your mother (yes, it's true). I would also say, in my personal experience that it is the most frail (especially if you don't know anything about that person even after spending years together).
"You've know you parents all you life but they know you for only a short" so you should know as mu…
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Losing Your Virginity

Domo minasan, I'm in the Japanese mood again and I welcome to the blog. If you are new here *smirk*, welcome. Today I will be rambling (as usual) on a topic that has nothing to do with me (also as usual) and that my friends you saw as the title of this post. Your Virginity or Virtue or whatever else you want to call it. It’s creepy sometimes when you think about it, the fact most people (females) don't value it despite their constant complaints.
You are a Virgin, well, when your hymen is still there (and what actually makes the first time "hurt" is the breaking of the hymen). The creepy thing is the feel when you break one (not that I have any experience in that section though, *smirk*).
I'm not saying not to loose you Virginity (on the contrary), please do. But I want to tell you some things you should probably think about before you do that and believe me you probably haven't heard and or been told these (what I want to say now) before. *smirk*.
Before and …

The Life Of A Dropout: Day 8

People, people. Remember how I told you bad always comes after good. Well think of this as my gloating and "I wish I was wrong" speech. Today my Father said that if I continued to disobey him, he would take away my phone and Tablet because they were "his property" (the phone yes but the tablet no). So the question is:
What am I going to do (and)
Does this affect my plans
Well you can definitely bet that I'm not going down without a fight (no matter the scale) and thank God my theme for this year was "WAR" (with a couple of sword, skull and shield emoji's). I mean, how does he want me to manage my store and blogs (including this one)? How does he want me to remain in my sense whipe not doing absolutely anything? How does he, want me to continue learning Japanese or continue communicating with my Japanese friends (of which I have none)? I don't know and he doesn't care (because, as usual, if he doesn't see you with a book then no matter …

The Life Of A Dropout: Day 7

Today was extremely, somewhat, probably good. I met a brother of mine, which we will be addressing today as "A". I chat with him frequently and I have asked him his view on what has been happening in my life and thankfully he had somewhat the same answer I thought he would give (I can't really say, I'm not in his head). He said
"Me... I don't care whether you're schooling or selling fish or maybe stripping.... everybody's got his own life to live...."
 and then he sent a really long message which, not that I wouldn't want to write, but, it's a pain. Oh what the heck. I can at least summarize it. He said he didn't care whether you gave him the "I don't care" attitude (which he was guilty of giving everyone) or what people thought about him neither does he have time to worry about someone else's problems when he's got his own life (and problems). That's basically the summary.
I was vaguely happy to hear this b…

Giving Up

You should give up. Quit whatever you’re working on; whatever you’re trying to accomplish right now. Just throw in the towel. And why not? Is this pain really worth it? The blood, sweat, and tears? The effort that you’ve already spent trying to do this thing or get to wherever you’re going? Why not just give up? Your effort doesn’t guarantee success. In fact, in this competitive world made of winners and losers, chances are you’re going to be on the losing side of things.
And being a loser hurts and sucks not matter how many feel-good quotes you read from athletes and writers and philosophers. The only reason why you know these quotes, is because these people “made it.” And people who “make it” are fond of telling other people that they can “make it” too. Which is silly because they should know better: Not everyone is going to “make it.”
I know this all sounds cynical but life isn’t a bed of roses. Isn’t it just better to call it quits before things get too hard and your heart gets b…

Don't Be Scared To Confess Your Love

Have you heard?
Heard what?
There's a new love post
Obviously, I just said so didn't I.
Alrighty then.
Make sure you read it…
That's the type of conversation you should be having with your friends right now, while reading this post. So today I want to bother you with that female, that male you like and just don't or can't or don't want to approach (for whatever bloody reason).
And as usual, I'll be using myself as a point of reverence. Well, it doesn’t have to do with me directly but a friend of mine. And I tried giving him, a gush (if you will) , but nothing. So you my friend I will give a push.
My friend is D and the girl is P. (for reference. Though I probably won't stress too much on it... probably).
In high school I learnt of my good friends’ crush and time being everyone would be like "check out my babe" or "give me that girls number", but he wasn't open to it. Later other dudes keep teasing him with this girl P. And…

Zodiac Heartbreak (2017)

Domo minasan, (I'm in the Japanese mood), remember that post on the live you would experience according to you Zodiac sign (or Zodiac Love as I called it)? Well welcome to the sequel. This particular post is even more intriguing (to me) than the first. This is your breakup scheme based on you Zodiac sign. And just like the previous I'll be adding my comments (in brackets like this).
•Aries (March 21st to April 19th)
Your impulsive tendencies and short temper will lead to and on again off again relationship. Eventually, even a partner that loves you won’t be able to handle it and you’ll find yourself alone. (what happened to being confident).

•Taurus (April 20th to May 21st)
You’ll find yourself in a mutual breakup with someone you really do care for. And while your heart will break walking away from such a person who made you who you are today, you know it’s time you do your own thing. That doesn’t mean you won’t find your way back again.

•Gemini (May 22nd to June 21st)
Your h…